Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dog Training


The first thing you must have when training an English Bulldog or any pet is patience. Patience really is the key to success. This means if the dog is not responding in the proper manner, you correct but not scold. The second is constancy. You must set up a schedule for your pet, same time everyday, after meals, or outside in the park. They have to know what to expect from you so they can perform at at their highest level. Third, find an object that they love, be it a squeaky toy, favorite food or snack something that you can give them as a reward for responding well to your commands. Remember to always give praise when they do it right, usually in a high pitch voice.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thursday, November 29, 2007

English Bulldog Training

" In order for a caretaker of an animal to peacefully coexist with others and members of a household, one should know the difference between teaching, training, education, and discipline."(J.Scott2007)

Many of you might be asking "What is competent Dog training?" and, "How is it achieved?"

The Easiest way to answer that is is to identify the problem, and find the most effective solution.

Before I get into methods of training and philosophy, let me define a few keywords in the art of creating a successful partnership between owner and pet.

To Train-Suggests a distinct end or aim. The pet will benefit from instruction, become mentally proficient and responsive to orders and commands.

Discipline- Is more than training. It implies subordination to a master. Enduring that which is hard to bear. You are installing or implanting fear into a dog to gain control or manage its actions. Also known as correction, restraining, curbing, direct motivation and punishment.

Analyze-Is to resolve, dissect, or breakdown. A division for the sake of determining the pets true nature or the inner relationship of its parts. To discover qualities causes, effects, motives, potential as a basis for action or for judgement.

Hierarchy-People, dogs, or things that are arranged in ranks or classes. In the animal kingdom order is graded through a series of tests that determine its authority in the pack. Also known as survival of the fittest.